LawShelf Bachelor of Business Administration Program with National Paralegal College
Financial aid through FAFSA accepted!

LawShelf, in conjunction with National Paralegal College, offers a pathway to a nationally accredited bachelor's degree in business administration (BBA) from NPC that is
affordable, quick, and convenient.

LawShelf+National Paralegal College=bachelor's degree'

Fulfill the degree requirement of 120 credits by taking 10 courses (for 30 credits) at National Paralegal College (NPC) and using LawShelf or other transfer credit for the remaining 90 credits! Here's what makes this degree pathway...


  • Three 10-course multi-packs will get you the 30 LawShelf courses that you need to earn 90 credits for just $900.
  • 30 credits at National Paralegal College at $325/credit, plus $195 in one-time enrollment fees, comes to $9,945.
  • With this pathway, the cost for your entire bachelor's degree (excluding textbooks for NPC courses) can be under $11,000.
  • Federal financial aid, for the National Paralegal College portion of the degree pathway, may be available to those who qualify. Please direct all financial aid inquiries to NPC.


  • National Paralegal College starts a new session every month, so you never need to wait long for the next start date. The schedule of courses is designed to allow you to complete the 10 required NPC courses in approximately a year, no matter what time of year you start.
  • LawShelf courses are self-paced and can be taken at your convenience.
  • Apply today and earn your bachelor's degree in as little as a year!
    (Timing may vary based on your learning speed and/or transfer credit.)


  • The LawShelf video-course format is designed for simplicity and convenience. Watch a series of videos, take the self-quizzes to make sure you understand the material, and whenever you're ready, take the final exam at your convenience. You can complete each course in as little or as much time as you need.
  • National Paralegal College courses do have start dates and end dates, but you can watch lecture recordings at your convenience, and all assignments and exams for a course are due at the same time, so you can choose when you want to do them.
  • Both LawShelf and NPC exams are given using the Voice Proctor system, which verifies your identity based on your voice. There's no need to go to a proctoring center or to have a stranger watching you over a webcam while you take your exams.

See our FAQ for more details.

Take 10 NPC courses, for a total of 30 credits:

NPC Course CodeCourse NameCreditsSatisfies Degree Requirement
BUS-101Principles of Management3Business Core
BUS-102Principles of Marketing3Business Core
ECO-101Microeconomics3Business Core, Social Science
ECO-102Macroeconomics3Business Core, Social Science
MAT-101College Algebra3Math
MAT-102Introduction to Probability and Statistics3Business Core, Math
ENG-101English Composition3English
ENG-102Business Writing3Business Core, English
2 of the following 4 courses (which will be selected for you based on scheduling considerations):
SCI-101The Science of Nutrition3Natural Science
SCI-102Introduction to Life Processes3Natural Science
SCI-103Earth Science3Natural Science
SCI-301Environmental Science3Natural Science
Total credits from NPC courses:30

Take 30 LawShelf courses, for a total of 90 credits:

LawShelf Course CodeCourse NameCreditsSatisfies Degree Requirement
ACC-101Accounting3Business Core
GOV-102Basics of Legal Ethics3Business Core
BUS-301Securities Regulation3Business Elective – Upper Level
BUS-302Stocks and Stock Transfers3Business Elective – Upper Level
COM-301Sales of Goods3Business Elective – Upper Level
Choose 5 of the following, for a total of 15 credits:
BUS-101Business Organizations3Business Elective
BUS-201Mergers and Acquisitions3Business Elective
BUS-202Non-Profit Organizations Law3Business Elective
CON-101Basics of Contracts Law3Business Elective
FIN-201Corporate Finance Law3Business Elective
ELD-302The Probate Process3Business Elective
TOR-301Intentional and Negligence Torts3Business Elective
TOR-501Medical Malpractice3Business Elective
20 courses of your choice (can be satisfied by LawShelf courses)60
Total credits from LawShelf courses:90